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About Internet Safety 101®

Enough Is Enough® understands that internet safety is a shared responsibility between the public, the technology industry, and the legal community. However, parents remain the 'first line of defense' in protecting their children against internet safety dangers.

Unfortunately, parents, educators and other caring adults are often ill-equipped, uninformed and often overwhelmed when it comes to Internet safety issues, and they need credible outside help.  As the nation's leading internet safety organization since 1994, EIE responded to this call for action by creating Internet Safety 101®.
Internet Safety 101® remains the only comprehensive resource available to address a myriad of threats children and teens encounter in the digital world, providing safety information, tools, and preventative solutions to tackle these dangers head on.

While technology is ever-changing, the basics remain the same when it comes to internet safety.  is kept up-to-date with the most current information and resources on internet dangers and safety solutions.

A Historical Archive: Launching the First Multi-Media Internet Safety Program and Curriculum


In September 2005, EIE launched The National Internet Safety Awareness and Parental Empowerment Program with the U.S. Department of Justice and other partners.

In September 2008, EIE launched the pilot version of the Internet Safety 101SM multi-media teaching series in Virginia, delivering critical Internet safety resources to parents, educators and other caring adults. The pilot program was in partnership with the office of the Virginia Attorneys and rolled out statewide in Virginia in partnership with VA PTA.

"The Internet Safety 101® program represents the comprehensive, multi-media curriculum approach needed by us to empower parents and the other adult child caregivers in Virginia with Internet safety rules and tools. It provides the 'take home' piece that will educate our parent and teacher members about why Internet child safety is such an important issue and equip and empower them to safeguard our children from these dangers in their homes and communities.
— Dianne Florence, President Emeritus, Virginia PTA & Melissa Nehrbass, President, Virginia PTA

"Enough Is Enough®® (EIE) is a significant partner, [and] EIE President Donna Rice Hughes has been a staunch proponent of parental education programs for Virginia. Through EIE's years of experience and work on this critical issue, and through EIE's singular work with parents nationwide, they are helping to shape the resources and tools that parents and educators across Virginia will receive. We are impressed with and endorse their comprehensive Internet Safety 101SM: Empowering Parents concept."
— Lisa M. Hicks-Thomas, Deputy Attorney General, Virginia

In 2010, EIE broke historic ground by launching  the national version of the Internet Safety 101® Program and corresponding website.  This proven, evidenced-based curriculum, created in partnership with the Department of Justice, was the first multi-media adult-focused program designed to prevent Internet-initiated crimes against children through educating and empowering parents and caregivers to protect children from online pornography, sexual predators and cyberbullies, as well as social media, online gaming and mobile dangers. EIE rolled out statewide efforts in both Maryland and Utah in partnership with PTA, the Salvation Army and other groups.

The Internet Safety 101® PBS series, which consisted of three one-hour long television segments was reformatted from the Internet Safety 101® DVD teaching series and ran on PBS stations nationally and Comcast regionally.. The Program was placed in international distribution with expansion to additional digital, video on demand platforms, public libraries and other venues.  This expansion made the 101 resources readily accessible to every English and Spanish speaking parent, grandparent, and teacher in America.

You can stream, rent, or purchase the series HERE.

Today, Internet Safety 101® continues to serve as a primary source of parental empowerment and internet safety education for tens of thousands as its safety content, preventative measures, Resource Center and collateral materials are featured and updated on

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