About the 101 Program

Enough Is Enough® understands that Internet safety is a shared responsibility between the public, the Internet industry, and the legal community. However, parents remain the 'first line of defense' in protecting their children against Internet safety dangers. Unfortunately, parents, educators and other caring adults are ill-equipped, uninformed and often overwhelmed when it comes to Internet safety issues, and they need credible outside help.  As the nation's leading Internet safety organization since 1994, EIE has responded to this call for action by creating Internet Safety 101SM, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Justice. 

Internet Safety 101SM is a widely-renowned resource and teaching series that paints a comprehensive picture of the dangers children encounter online. Through the Internet Safety 101SM program, EIE strives to educate and empower parents, educators and other caring adults with the information they need to effectively protect children from Internet dangers.  


Program Elements Include:    

Internet Safety 101SM® targets its resources and materials directly into the homes and hands of parents and childcare givers through both traditional and online multimedia resources. The cornerstone DVD & Workbook elements of the Internet Safety 101SM program capture the power of a live seminar without need for in-person training and facilitators and enables individuals or groups of any size to host Internet safety training seminars and will point parents towards the best resources, sites, and organizations that offer specific Internet safety topics and resources tailored for specific age groups.  

Internet Safety 101SM® Program Segments


 One of the most significant challenges we face is that an entire generation of children is navigating life in an online world with which we—as parents and caregivers—have had very little experience. Over the past several years, a number of dynamic, powerful and destructive dangers have some together to create a perfect storm scenario for our children to fall victim to online exploitation. Hear how EIE became involved in this mission and how this teaching series will help educate, equip and empower you—as a parent, educator or other caring adult—to prevent online dangers from impacting your child, thereby protecting their age of innocence.


Girls Testimony One of the biggest threats to our children's safety online is pornography, which has become increasingly acceptable and accessible. Today, any computer-literate child can view anything, from adult pornography to graphic videos, online chats, live nude peep shows, virtual sex parties, user-generated porn, and pornography that is illegal and prosecutable, free of charge. Hear about kids' exposure to pornography in there own words; listen to the nation's top clinicians, psychologists, and researchers as they discuss the implications of pornography exposure, the warning signs and how you can talk to your children about healthy sexuality.


 Predators have easy and anonymous access to children online where they can conceal their identity and roam without limit. Often we have an image of sexual predators lurking around school playgrounds or hiding behind bushes scoping out their potential victims, but the reality is that today’s predators search for victims while hiding behind a computer screen, taking advantage of the anonymity the Internet offers. Hear Alicia's story of how she fell victim to the grooming techniques of an online predator. Listen to additional interviews with "John Doe", a sexual predator, law enforcement and Internet experts as they share what you need to know to protect and prevent your child from becoming a victim to an online predator. 


The Internet continues to become more mobile, multi-directional, and multi-media in format. This evolving Web, referred to as "Web 2.0", is user-driven; anybody can be a publisher, videographer, or instant celebrity. Communication is instant and can be one-on-one, one-to-many, many-to-many; peer-to-peer, or even viral. Learn how kids are using the web today; learn about social networking, gaming, mobile devices and emerging threats like cyberbullying, and how to apply the basics of Internet safety in this emerging and converging digital world.


Join us as we walk through the technical and non-technical Rules 'N' Tools® you need to use to protect your children from online dangers. This final segment highlights parental control resources and how to protect your child on all of the their Internet-enabled devices.

A Special Features section includes industry and Partner tutorials, web security modules, and additional 101 video packages. The Internet Safety 101SM® training DVD series and accompanying workbook will enable individuals or groups of any size to host Internet safety training seminars geared toward parents, educators and other caring adults.