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Facilitators' Resources

Basic Handouts/Resources

How To Use the Program (Basic two pager about the Program contents and how to utilize the program individually or in multiple sessions with a group).

Product Sheet (One page handout of program components, prices and ordering information)

101 Brochure (Two page, front and back, brochure explaining about Internet Safety 101®, print-ready)

101 Brochure (Short Version)

101 DVD Component Run Times (One page document outlining the length of each segment of the Internet Safety 101®® DVD)

Form Letter About EIE and 101

Internet Safety 101® Evaluation (Evaluation for Ambassadors and Facilitators to have event attendees fill out and return to EIE)

Internet Safety 101® Endorsements

Letters of Support

101 Order Form

Rules 'N Tools Checklist

Directices de Reglas y Herramientas Para la Seguridad en el Internet (Spanish Version: How to Use Internet Safety Rules 'N Tools Checklist)

Lista de Reglas y Herramientas (Spanish Version: Internet Safety Rules 'N Tools Checklist)

Parent Pledge

Rules 'N Tools Buddy Check

Rules 'N Tools Youth Pledge

50 Chat Acronyms Parents Should Know

Ambassador/Facilitator Comparison Chart

Please also consider directing your audiences to our site for information on Age Based Guidelines, Filtering and Monitoring Software and to review any of the videos shown during your presentation. Also, let us know how we can help you serve as a Facilitator! Thank you for your partnership!

Information About Hosting an Internet Safety 101® Event

Facilitator's Kit (included information about hosting and planning an Internet Safety 101®® Event, with example formats, information about publicity and arranging an event planning team)

Making Your Internet Safety 101® Training a Success (Informative blog by EIE trainer)

Event Flyer 1 (Example Flyer)

Event Flyer 2(Example Flyer)

Sample Press Release

Video Vignettes

Each of the compelling, topical video packages featured throughout the program are also included as stand-alones on your Internet Safety 101®® DVD, which can be used as conversation starters with friends, community members, or children. They are also an ideal tool to highlight a particular Internet concern during a community event and can be used to promote an Internet safety event or as part of a law enforcement presentation. Please note, that we do require proper attribution when utilizing Enough Is Enough®? resources.

Introductory Video Package:The Perfect Storm (4:18)

Despite the Internet's many wonderful benefits, a perfect storm has emerged for the online victimization of children. Kids have free and easy access to pornography, and sexual predators have easy and anonymous access to kids. Law enforcement limitations and challenges abound, and naïve kids are engaging in risky online behavior. Parents, educators and other caring adults must serve as the first line of defense to protect kids online, but they are often uninformed or ill-equipped to deal with these and other evolving threats. Are you prepared to protect your kids so they can enjoy the wonders of the Internet while being spared from the dangers? Learn about the threats that face children and how Internet Safety 101SM can help.

Pornography 101 Video Vignettes

What Is Internet Pornography? (1:08) (Now on YouTube)

Internet pornography is not your father's pornography, it's graphic and deviant and any child with unrestricted Internet access is just one click away.

Kids' Access to Pornography (1:48) (Now on YouTube)

Kids have free and easy access to online Pornography via the web.

Harms of Pornography (7:01) (Now on YouTube)

Pornography can have a range of damaging effects on human beings of all ages and both sexes, affecting their happiness, their health, their body image, their relationships with one another, and their functioning in society. Hear clinicians and teens themselves talking about pornography's impact.

Empowering Parents (2:44) (Now on YouTube)

Teens and clinicians share their advice about how to talk to kids about Internet pornography.

Predators 101 Video Vignettes

Profile of an Internet Predator (1:52)

Hear about how these individuals blend into society and how it is very difficult to recognize a disguised predator.

Predator Confession (4:24)

Hear from law enforcement and a registered sex offender about how Internet predators target children.

Predator Grooming (2:44)

Predators use a tactic called grooming to manipulate and woo their victims.

Risky Youth Behavior (1:35)

Teens are putting themseleves at risk--hear about some of the risky online behaviors kids are engaging in.

Alicia's Story (5:22)

At the age of 14, Alicia Kozakiewicz was abducted by a man she had formed an online relationship with. Hear about her story and her rescue.

Web 2.0 & Beyond Video Vignettes

Web 2.0 Introductory Video (1:03)

Do you know what the 'Web 2.0' is and how technology has revolutionized our life?

Social Networking (5:03)

Learn the dangers and some of the safety measures parents should have in place as your children engage in the social web.

Cyberbullying (4:12) (Now on YouTube)

Learn about the Internet danger of cyberbullying and what you can do to protect your kids from online harm.

Online Gaming (3:59)

Learn about how children have access to pornography and violent content via the online gaming and how predators can target children through multiplayer games.