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Internet Safety 101® Webinars

    April 2024

"Understanding Addiction"

Addiction experts George and Mary Lou Swanberg join former detective and sex trafficking expert Bill Woolf to discuss how addiction impacts so many aspects of our lives, and how it plays a big part in fueling exploitation, sexual violence, sex trafficking in our culture today. 

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    March 2024

"Betrayal Trauma"

Dr. Jill Manning shares with Enough Is Enough® CEO/President Donna Rice Hughes how the effects of betrayal trauma can make children more vulnerable to online exploitation. She also shares how to find help and healing.

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    February 2024

"Protecting Children in the
Ever-Evolving Digital World"

Dr. Jill Manning, a licensed Family and Marriage therapist and former Board Member of Enough Is Enough®® joins EIE President Donna Rice Hughes to discuss the health impacts of social media, the harms of internet pornography on the adolescent brain, gaming addiction and disorders (reality vs. fantasy) and how children are vulnerable to internet predators.

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    January 2024

"A Mother's Story:

Her Daughter's Human Trafficking Nightmare"

Susan Young, a subject matter expert and surviving parent, has trained thousands across the nation and around the world, informing of the dangers & indicators of trafficking. She shared her daughter's story with Enough Is Enough®® in a webinar co-hosted by EIE President Donna Rice Hughes and human trafficking expert Bill Woolf.

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