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Youth Pledge

Parents may use this sample pledge for their children, or tailor this pledge to meet the specific needs of their family, EIE encourages parents to work with their children to promote active learning and create a youth pledge together!

Download your own copy of the Youth Pledge.

Sample Youth Pledge:

I have spoken with my parent/guardian about the following and am aware that:

  • Nothing is truly private, and there are “no take-backs” online and through my mobile device.    
  • Some people online may try to befriend me who want to harm me.    
  • It is not my fault if I see something bad accidentally. 
  • Private family matters should not be discussed online or via text. Instead, I should talk about them with a parent or other trusted adult.
  • My parents may supervise my time online and may use a filtering and/or monitoring service. This is because they are concerned about my safety.
  • Internet use and mobile access is a privilege, not a right.
  •  I will follow the guidelines of my family's Youth Pledge  whenever I have access to the Internet, ​both in and out of my home or through my mobile device.

I agree to:    

  • Talk with my parents to learn the rules for using the internet, including where I can go, what I can do, when I can go online, and how long I can be online (minutes or hours).
  • Always tell my parents immediately if I see or receive anything on the Internet, my phone or other mobile device that makes me feel uncomfortable or threatened, including e-mail messages, websites, images, chats, or even anything in the regular mail from Internet friends.
  • Protect my personal information, such as my home address, telephone number, my parents’ names, work addresses or telephone numbers, credit card numbers, or the name and location of my school or any club or team. I will talk to my parents before giving out this information. I will keep this rule when I am communicating via chat rooms, instant message (IM), e-mail, websites, online games, text messaging, or social networking sites, and when entering contests and registering for online clubs.
  • Check with my parents before posting or sending pictures or videos of myself, other family members, or other people through the Internet, text or regular mail.
  • Never give out my Internet passwords to anyone (even my best friends) other than my parents.
  • Treat others online as I would have them treat me. I will never send threatening or mean messages, nor will I respond to any such messages that are sent to me.
  • I will not do anything online that could hurt or anger others or do anything that is against the law.
  • Never download, install, or copy any copyright information from the Internet without proper permission from the site and my parents.
  • Never do anything on the Internet or on my cell phone or other mobile device that costs money without first asking permission from my parents.
  • Only fill out any online forms or questionnaires with the permission of my parents.
  • Never open or accept e-mails, enclosures, links, URLs, texts, videos or pictures or other information from people I do not know.
  • Never tell anyone online where I will be or what I will be doing without permission from my parents.
  • Never enter a chat room unless given prior permission from my parents.
  • Avoid in-person meetings with anyone I met or befriended online or through my mobile device without parental permission and being accompanied by a parent.
  • I know that not everyone I meet online is who they say they are, and I cannot detect a disguised predator or cyberbully.
  • Follow my family’s Internet safety guidelines when accessing the Internet through an Internet-enabled device, while at a friend’s house, and also when at school.
  • Only instant message (IM) people on my buddy list who have been previously approved by my parents.
  • Log off or turn off my computer if I come across something bad online. I will then tell my parents what happened as soon as possible.     
  • Make my parents aware of all of my internet login, chat names, gamertags, and social networking profile names listed below: