What is the Profile of a Predator?

Internet Safety 101SM Program Video:Profile of a Predator

What does an online predator “look like”?

The online predator:

  1. Blends into society
  2. Is typically clean cut and outwardly law abiding
  3. Is usually white, middle-aged or younger, and male
  4. Uses position in society to throw off suspicion
  5. Can rise to be a pillar of society while actively pursuing children
  6. Often engages in activities involving children
  7. Appears trusting to both parents and child

A Predator's Confession

Internet Safety 101SM Video: A Predator's Confession

"Predators are in all professions. Unfortunately, we have seen doctors, lawyers, law enforcement and clergy. There is really no common trait. In fact, many of them are drawn to those particular professions which give them access to children"

—Mary Beth Buchanan, former U.S. District Attorney, Western Pennsylvania