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Empowering Parents:

How to Talk to your Kids about Internet Predators

Communication is key in protecting children from online exploitation. One way to keep children safer is to supervise their online activities or limit their access to sites that can facilitate online interaction with people they don’t know and trust in real life. If you allow your children access to these sites, you should discuss Internet safety often. Monitor children’s Internet use: ask them what sites they visit and to show you any profiles they may have posted online.

 Parents need to:    

  • Pay attention to what your kids are doing online, and ask your child non-threatening questions.
  • Avoid over-reacting if your kids have been talking to people they don’t know online or if they admit that they’ve come across a dangerous or tricky situation online.

Ask “Has an online stranger…

  •  Tried to befriend you? If so, how do you know this person?”    
  • Talked to you about sex?”    
  • Asked you for personal information?”    
  • Asked you for pictures? Sent you pictures?"    
  •  Said anything to make you feel uncomfortable?”      
  • Offered to send you gifts?”