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Internet Safety 101® Program Video: 'Kids' Access'

Kids' Access to Pornography

The pornography industry often uses many different marketing tactics to attract viewers and lure kids, and their marketing models create no incentive to distinguish between child and adult traffic. In fact, most pornography sites do not request age verification of their visitors and even offer free samples of pornographic images. Some of the “responsible” pornography sites include an entry page that warns viewers to only enter if they are over 18, but in reality, anyone can gain access by simply clicking on a link that reads, for example, “I am 18 years or older.”

How do Pornographers Target Kids?

Free Teaser Images

Pictures and/or streaming videos posted on the home page of a pornographic site to entice users, including:

  • Sexual activity of every form (i.e., sexual intercourse, masturbation, bisexual interactions, group sex, oral sex, fetishes)
  • Cybersex and cyberchats with “live” feeds (i.e., user can view and/or interact in real time with porn star)
  • Site “tours” (i.e., walks user through a virtual table of contents of pictures, videos, and pornographic experiences available)

Innocent Word Searches

Pornographic website operators use popular terms or innocent words that may have little or nothing to do with the content they display to increase traffic to pornographic sites.

Misspelled Words and Stealth Sites

Online pornographers often purchase “Stealth URLs.” These are sites with web addresses that are close in name to the “legitimate” site.

Cartoon Characters and Child Icons

Pop-ups & Ad Banners

Many popular sites and social networking spaces have advertising/banner space for purchase. Pornographers often purchase this space hoping to draw young users to their sites.

Free Flash Games

A simple, interactive game, usually integrated into a website of similar games that can be played quickly, with little learning curve and no need to save the game’s progress. Popular genres include puzzle games, word games, card games, and uncomplicated animated games.

E-mail Spam (“junk e-mail”)


This crafty tech-trick prevents user from escaping a pornographic site.


A seemingly never-ending stream of pornographic pop-ups to the computer screen. The only way to stop the pop-ups is to shut down the computer.


Pornographers purchase expired domain names so what was once a legitimate web address for a benign company or site now takes users to a pornographic site (see Stealth Sites).