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Protecting Kids on Mobile Devices

The first step is realizing that all of the Internet's dangers are accessible in most mobile devices children use today. Enough Is Enough®┬árecommends that parents apply Rules 'N Tools® across all Internet-enabled devices children use and talking with your mobile provider to select a set of mobile parental controls for your family.

  • Set clear rules with your children regarding when they are allowed to talk, text and surf the Internet via their mobile device.
  • Your child should only communicate with parent-approved contacts.
  • Talk to your children about respecting others online. Your child should never text something to someone else that they would not say to them in real life. Communication should always be truthful, encouraging and helpful.
  • If your child receives a threatening, mean or sexual message from someone they should come to you immediately.
  • Advise your child never to share personal information through their mobile device including date of birth, address, full name, etc.
  • Talk to your children about never using vulgar or sexually explicit language through their mobile device. If anyone begins using vulgar or sexually explicit language that should talk to you and also block further communication.
  • Talk to your children about privacy. Discuss with them how there is no such thing as privacy through their mobile device--and there are no "take-backs" with what they post, text, upload or send. Content your kids send through the Internet or their mobile device can be distributed across the world, without their permission or knowledge.
  • Decide whether your children are allowed to post content to their social networking sites and other websites through their mobile device. Content posted should be parent-approved.
  • If your child receives a text message from an unknown source, they should not reply.
  • Your child should never let someone they don't know use their phone.
  • Don't text while walking or driving.

When choosing a mobile device, helpful questions to ask your provider include:

  • Does this device connect with the Internet, and if so, how can Internet access be turned off or blocked?
  • Can I limit my child from visiting certain sites through this mobile device?
  • Do you provide filtering and monitoring solutions? If so, how can they be installed? How will I received reports regarding what my child has accessed?
  • Does this device send and receive texts, emails, photos, and video messages? If so, how can these features be turned off and/or monitored?
  • Does this device include time limiting software to limit the length of calls and times of day calls are made and received?
  • Can I limit the phone's address/contact list to a parent-approved list?
  • Can this phone block individuals from sending content and texts to my child?