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Cell phones have all the capabilities of a personal computer, now able to deliver video, data, games, instant messages and more. These multi-media platforms allows subscribers "anywhere", "anytime" access to information, news and people, making it more difficult for parents to monitor access and creating another point of access to inappropriate content and contacts.

We recommend that parents check with their mobile provider to pick customized resources and limits to protect kids on their mobile phones.

A great resource to guide your efforts is Growing Wireless, provided by the Wireless Association, which keeps an extensive clearinghouse of up-to-date safety and Parental Control Tools for each of the major providers in the industry.

AT&T Smart Limits:

"Smart Limits" brings together information about parental control features across AT&T wireless, wired, broadband and video services. AT&T's service allows parents to: determine how and when kids use phones; limit the number of text and instant messages; decide when the phone can be used for calling and texting; and limit access to inappropriate content.

Verizon Wireless:

Allows parents to determine their child's location—in real time—and notifies parents if their child leaves the parent-specified "child zone". Verizon also offers tools which filter content (classified by age); set phone usage allowances; set time restrictions, and block numbers.


Offers phones with built-in parental controls, which allow parents to restrict incoming and outgoing calls to parent-approved contact lists (located in the child's phone book), and also offers parents other resources to limit a child's access to all other Sprint services.


SaferNet gives you the ability to Monitor, Control and Protect all your smart phones, tablets and computers.  SaferNet works 24/7, anywhere in the world; whether you are connected to the internet via cellular OR any WiFi network.

Other Helpful Resources

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