How to Stay Safe on Gaming Sites

Setting ground rules at home is essential, but remember, your kids can play games from a friend’s computer as well as at an Internet café. To help protect your children at home, talk to them about the dangers of online gaming, be ready to listen if they seem upset about something that happened while they were on the computer, and encourage them to use wisdom when deciding what types of online games to play. You can help keep your child’s gaming experiences safe, age-appropriate, friendly, fun, and even educational by educating yourself about the gaming community, game ratings, and how to use the privacy and safety tools built into the games. Check out the safety features and parental controls offered by all the major gaming consoles including Xbox, Wii, and PlayStation 2, 3 and 4.


Teach your child to:  

  • Use voice chat wisely
  • Be aware of voice masking technology    
  • Use suitable screen names (gamertags)     
  •  Be aware of cyberbullies (griefers)

As a parent:

  • Use parental controls on all gaming devices (Here's a great resource to show you how)
  • Review games and ratings before buying
  • Disallow webcam use while gaming
  • Set time limits
  •  Know who your child is playing with
  • Talk to your child about coming to you if anyone bullies them, asks them for inappropriate pictures or makes them feel uncomfortable
  • Gaming Safety TIP:  check the rating posted by games and apps (provided by the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) before you download to make sure they are age-appropriate.