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 Age-Based Guidelines

Remember to use Enough Is Enough®?'s Internet Safety Rules 'N Tools® to protect your kids at every age!

Key principles for all age groups include:

  • Keep lines of communication open
  • Create a list of Internet rules with your kids (See Rules 'N Tools® Youth Pledge
  • Set parental controls at the age-appropriate levels and use filtering and monitoring tools as a complement--not a replacement--for parental supervision.
  • Supervise all Internet-enabled devices and keep computers in a public area of the home.
  • Talk to your kids about healthy sexuality in the event they encounter sexually explicit online pornography at home, school, a friend's house, the library or their mobile device.
  • Encourage your kids to come to you if they encounter anything online that makes them feel uncomfortable or threatened. (Stay calm and don't blame your child; otherwise, they won't turn to you in the future for help when they need it.)
  • Teach them not to interact with people they don't know offline, because an online predator or cyberbully can disguise him/herself.
  • Check the history file on your computer to see which sites your child has accessed.
  • Teach your child the golden rule: do unto others as they would have done unto themselves.

Specific Guidelines by Age Groups

Two- to Seven-Year-Olds

Eight- to Ten-Year-Olds

Eleven- to Thirteen-Year-Olds

Fourteen- Eighteen-Year-Olds