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Cyber Security Resources

Helping protect children's online safety should always be a primary concern for parents and caregivers, and with that comes the need to understand the biggest security threats to kids online. Below are some helpful resources to help protect your online devices and networks.

Protecting Children’s Privacy – A Guide for Parents, Carers and Educators

A Parent's Guide to Cyber Security

A Collection of Computer Security and Safety Tips (Book Your Data)

7 Essential Tips to beat Phishing Scams

LifeLock (Identity Theft Protection)

Lock Down Your Login (Cybersecurity National Action Plan)

Ultimate beginner’s guide to VPNs' - everything (in a step by step fashion) a parent needs to know about how (and why) to use a VPN to keep their kids' online activities safe and private from predators

Top Cybersecurity Resources for Students and Professionals (cybersecurity blogs and sites)

Keeping children safe online | How to ensure kids & teens are safe online (